Monday, May 31

Rainy Days with the Cousins

Rain, rain, go away, but please come back on a hotter day! Puddles have been Hunter and Rowan's form of entertainment lately, and Britton can't wait to ride his new bike where he has a paved driveway.

We were glad the rain clouds held off for a few minutes on Memorial Day so we could visit the gravesites for Mathew, Grandma and Grandpa. The boys all wanted to put their own flower at each site.

Rowan's First Hair Cut

Shame on me for being a bad blogger and not including some fun things that have happened around our neck of the woods. Rowan finally got his first hair cut after 19 months, his hair was finally long enough, and was extremely patient with the whole process and seemed to enjoy it, (the pictures seem to show otherwise though!)

Wednesday, May 26

Miss You Jilly Pilly!

Even though she was a stinky dingo dog, would scratch you with her nails till she got a foot rub, and was quite stubborn (always head of the pack), we will miss her not being out at the Salmon house. She had a sweet spirit, loved roughing it with Jake, and couldn't wait to go walking with the kids. It won't seem the same without her around. I'll bet she's having a doggy dog time up in doggy heaven.

Saturday, May 1

I Got A Bite...A Big, Big, Bite

Jeremey's first 30 in. steelehead on his new fly rod, yippee! Rowan was taking a nap so the little cousins decided to jump in instead and have a hand in the fun.