Monday, July 12

July 2010

This summer has been very wet but the weather finally held out for us to take Rowan's first river trip ever! (outside the womb that is.) We floated from 14 mile to Shoup bridge where we stopped for lunch and then continued on our way to the salmon bridge. Rowan loved kicking his feet in the water and helping daddy row the boat. He is definitely our child and has no fear of the water.
Rowan has gone through so many changes as he quickly heads towards being two years old. He turned 22 months old today and is learning a new word every day it seems. Besides being mommy's little helper with the mowing and watering, he is a monkey and can climb up the kitchen drawers and sit on the counter with what seems like no effort at all. Also, he has figured out how to unlock the sliding glass doors. Let's just say I have to keep a good eye on this wee one and teach him right off what he can't do!
After completing Rowan's crib almost 2 yrs. ago, Jeremey has decided to make a head and base board for our bed. He went and got some nice pine from the hills and is in the process of getting everything scraped and sanded. He let me take a turn and work my upper arm muscles. Next time he will have to be the one in the pictures with Rowan.