Wednesday, December 29

And for the First Post of the Year...

Greetings Everyone! We hope all of you had a wonderful 2010 holiday season and that the spirit of Christ was in your homes and hearts and will be for the 2011 year. The Varley family was extremely busy this last December so forgive me for not posting these pictures sooner. The pictures include the following:
Ashley's set display for the one-act play that she co-directed this winter, "Shock of His Life";

Jeremey and Ashley in Salmon's community production of, "A Christmas Carol", portraying Young Man Scooge and his beloved, Ms. Belle;
Jere's bed frame that he put many hours into for himself and Ashley;
Rowan potty training, yippee!;
Rowan's new jammies from Gma Stults; And last but certainly not least, Rowan kayak-sledding with Beary, his bear. Enjoy!