Thursday, March 25

Children's Museum

By far, Rowans favorite part of the Missoula Children's Museum is the dinosaur dig station, where he can discover different bones and fossils. He also really enjoys the construction room where he can build with blocks and wear a hard hat.

Funny Story

The other day when new snow had just covered the ground, Jeremey was preparing Rowan's meal and was very pleased that Rowan seemed to be quietly entertaining himself in the next room. Soon enough however, Jeremey realized Rowan was being "too" quiet!
We don't know about the rest of you parents, but when our son is "too" quiet, it usually means that he is doing a "no, no!"Anyway, back to the story...
Jeremey didn't have to look very hard for Rowan when the back door was wide open and there was Rowan, sitting in the snow with soaked socks and a big, goofy grin on his face. Jeremey just lost it in laughter, and after dragging Rowan back inside, had to have a little discussion about opening doors!
Got to love them kids!

The Joy of Each Other

There is no doubt that we have been having a lot of fun these last few months. We have enjoyed walking around the elk foundation and touching noses with the animals, skiing up at Lost Trail, posing in our pj's, kayaking at the U of M, and riding our buckin' broco!