Monday, August 9

Wimpey Creek ATV Date

This past weekend Jeremey decided to take me on a surprise ATV ride up Wimpey Creek and boy, was it a blast! I got to drive an ATV for the very first time and experience the breath taking views near Salmon. Jere taught me a little about the area and we both decided that we would have to visit this place again to get a closer look at the lakes below and the scenery that surrounded us.
There were several cabins we spotted while on our ride and most were abandoned or boarded up. However, some you could tell are visited by hunters often. We also came upon an old mine shaft.

The flowers in this area were to die for, the indian paintbrush with it's vibrant color and the lupin that filled the air with it's sweet aroma. Even though the lupin was everywhere, I didn't snap a picture of it but got a picture of another flower, the Lemhi Pentstimin, which is an endangered flower and only grows in Lemhi County. Pretty neat stuff! We had a lot of fun and Rowan didn't mind us being gone either because he was with GRANDMA! Yahooo!