Saturday, August 20

August 2011

Our family, like all of you, have been nothing but busy this summer. The newest member of our family, little Kael, turned four months old on August 13th and is just a thriving. He is getting stronger everyday, is quite the little vocal man already with his goo goo ga ga's, and will be cutting his first teeth soon, (we're sure of it!) Rowan has taken more of an interest in being in the outdoors with his daddy, hiking, fishing, camping, and collecting bugs, the Cyphocleonus Achates to be exact, which is a root boring wevil that attacks spotted nap weed. The other day Rowan spotted some type of noxious weed that Jeremey taught him about and asked me if we could spray it, he he he. He will be quite the outdoorsman we think! Ashley has been working at the pool part time teaching lessons and guarding which has been just about the right amount of "out of the house time" and social time that she needs. Her activities coordinator calling has kept her busy and she has been finding opportunities where she can sing more in church or for the community and will be the assistant drama coach for the school district again this year. Jeremey has been extremely busy this summer with work, work, work and taking people down the river. He can't wait for the hunting season to begin and is perfecting his aim with his new bow. As always, we hope you are all well and we send our love your way!