Friday, March 25

Marching Forward in March

March has come and gone and like always, we have been busy. For Ashley's birthday, Jere took her to Whitefish, MT for a weekend getaway and we had a blast catching up with Micelle, Wade and Kamryn. Little Kamryn made up Ashley's mind for her and Ashley would love a little content girl, but she and Jere will be pleased as long as baby #2 is healthy. Jeremey is doing very well with his job with the county and has been able to learn many new skills and has been traveling more. He also has had fun with his scouts and is turning Rowan into quite the little, future fly fisherman.
Ashley's musical and church calling will be keeping her busy up till the time she pop's, and Rowan is growing smarter every day and is patiently awaiting for the spring weather to arrive so we can visit the park right down the street. Ashley had her baby shower for baby #2 and received lots of useful items for the upcoming arrival! Thanks to all for the gifts by the way! The baby is growing healthy and strong and if Ashley's body can hold out, he/she will be arriving on the 18th of April, hooray!