Monday, May 31

Rainy Days with the Cousins

Rain, rain, go away, but please come back on a hotter day! Puddles have been Hunter and Rowan's form of entertainment lately, and Britton can't wait to ride his new bike where he has a paved driveway.

We were glad the rain clouds held off for a few minutes on Memorial Day so we could visit the gravesites for Mathew, Grandma and Grandpa. The boys all wanted to put their own flower at each site.


momandpahawks said...

Thank you girls and "boys" so much for visiting the gravesides of Mathew Hawkins and Gary's folks, grandpa and grandma Mathew's. Dad and I appreciate the time and flowers you placed there in remembrance, as we weren't able to make it to Salmon on that weekend. It was nice that the boys could participate there and also at the graves of the pets, Jill and Milo. Love, mom and dad

Jason said...

It was good of you to visit the grave sites. I can't believe it has been almost 18 years since Grandma Mathew's passed away. I am old.