Wednesday, May 26

Miss You Jilly Pilly!

Even though she was a stinky dingo dog, would scratch you with her nails till she got a foot rub, and was quite stubborn (always head of the pack), we will miss her not being out at the Salmon house. She had a sweet spirit, loved roughing it with Jake, and couldn't wait to go walking with the kids. It won't seem the same without her around. I'll bet she's having a doggy dog time up in doggy heaven.


Jason said...

Even I'll miss Jill. She used to go with me on walks up the river and fetch sticks when I threw them.

momandpahawks said...

Thanks for this picture, all three rascals together. We miss Jill every time we drive down our lane in Salmon. She used to sit near the sun room and survey her kingdom. She was a fixture around our place and a good friend to Sadie too.