Sunday, July 12

10 Months Old

Rowan James turned 10 months old today and is just thriving with each new thing that is thrown his way. He now loves to pull himself up into standing position and is very quick with crawling on his hands and knees or with the bear crawl. Now that Rowan is more independent, he rarely eats anything from a spoon held by mommy or daddy and must do it himself. He is a pro at holding his sippy cup and his bottle and is very vocal with opinions about everything,...... you know, with the ma ma ma ma ma's and da da da da da's and teh teh teh teh teh's, and na na na na na's etc. We enjoy Rowan boy so much and love how he is growing so big!


The Roberts Family said...

So cute! We love Rowan!

Jason said...

Rowan sure is growing up!