Saturday, March 21

row, row, row your boat...

Our family would all have to agree that Jeremey's boat, "The Ashley Dawn", looks darn good out in front of the Idaho Adventures office. We know what you are thinking, that "The Ashley Dawn" it's quite a funny name for a boat, but Jeremey said "A boat's got to have a good, strong name and what better name would suit than that of my woman!".
"The Ashley Dawn" took one of it's first trips this year down the half day stretch on the river of no return, and if we ever get a blue bird day to go steelehead fishing, Jere is prepared and anxious with all his gear! Unfortunately, Jeremey hasn't had any luck with the fish, and Ashley somehow has him beat and caught her first rainbow trout of the year, and landed it on her 2nd cast too! We would of included a picture but it was only Rowan size, but hey, it was somethin'.

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The Roberts Family said...

How fun to have a boat named after you Ash! Maybe I can get Stephen to name some kind of CAT equipment after me.....Catch some fish for us!