Saturday, March 7

Kick off to 2009

It has been crazy in Salmon for the first three months of 2009! Jeremey is pushing strong with his "temporary" work, but is very anxious to get on the river for steelehead trips and rafting trips. Ashley is keeping busy with her church callings and, of course, with Rowan boy, who is so energetic, talkative, and smiley. He has developed two new teeth, is enjoying his cereal, veggies and fruit, and loves to harass Chai the kitty by yanking on her fascinating, fluffy yellow coat. We can't wait for Spring to arrive (for good) and do some site seeing out our front door.


Jason said...

Cute pictures. Rowan is sure growing up!

The Roberts Family said...

So cute! We want to come see you guys soon and get these kiddo's together! We love you

Perkins5 said...

Congrats on your sweet little family! Love you!