Tuesday, April 27

Just Around the River Bend

Last saturday our family decided to go down river and have a picnic near the water and that was where I was able to capture some cute pictures of Rowan on the perfect tree and having fun daddy. After our picnic we went asparagus hunting, walked a few trails and skipped rocks which, of course, was Rowan's favorite part. If we didn't stop him, he would have been having his bath early that day. Overall, it was a nice family outing and I think I got enough asparagus to last us a few dinners. Yummm!


The Roberts Family said...

Oh fun! I love the pictures of Rowan! Enjoy the asparagus! Yummmm!

momandpahawks said...

Wow, great pictures downriver and of the fam. Hope we can get the asparagus growing again in Salmon.

Jason said...

Down River always looks so different to me than the rest of the Salmon area.