Wednesday, September 23

Rowan's 1st Birthday!

Rowan had a fun birthday with his mom, dad, cousins Britton and Hunter, Aunt Becky, Uncle Jared and G & G Hawkins! He had a blast playing with his new toys and trinkets and unwrapping his new garb, however the best part was his future fisherman's cake which when presented to him, he gave daddy and mommy a look like, "Is it okay that I'm putting my fingers in this?" Thanks to everyone for the gifts and cards! We love you all!


The Roberts Family said...

Oh Ashley, he looks so much like you! I'm glad he had a good 1st birthday! One year already? Crazy! Megan's is coming up soon too! I'm sure she will love her cake too! Hope everything else is going good!

Jason said...

Looks like Rowan really enjoyed his birthday cake!

momandpahawks said...

Grandma had fun helping Rowan celebrate his 1st birthday and took some cute pictures. He is such a little charmer, so strong and a climber too. Watch out world!