Thursday, June 4

What We Do For Fun

We sure do experience lots of fun around the place in Salmon but lately, these are some of the few things we have had the most fun doing, or in Rowan's case.....discovering!!!!!
Rowan has enjoyed "kicking up" his leather shoes and tiptoeing around the property with the help of mommy and daddy, but has yet to "kick back" and relax for he is a Mr. Get-into-everything boy and with soooooo much energy too! Mom and Dad wouldn't have him any other way though. Rowan also loves playing in Daddy's fishing net and anything electronic is suddenly his favorite!

When Jeremey isn't working hard with the river, construction or weeds, he can't resist surfing a good wave or playing peek-a-boo while Rowan is riding high on his shoulders.

And then there's Ashley....she just likes to shoot things up all day. No, this was actually her first time shooting all year and Jer's just trying to work her up to the big gun for hunting this fall.

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Jason said...

Looks like Rowan is thriving! The deer and elk better go hide this fall...