Wednesday, October 21

Our Little Punkin Playing w/ His Pumpkin!

Here are a few pictures of Rowan playing with his pumpkin out in the yard, and our little curious cutie helping dad build a toasty fire!

Got Deer?

Jeremey and Ashley both got their deer this winter, yippeee! It was Ashley's first hunting trip and she had a blast! Ashley nailed the buck in both the lung and tip of the heart but unfortunately the bullet destroyed the buck's left shoulder and some of the meat we could have had in our freezer, darn! Jeremey's shot to his buck happened so fast that his cousin Jesse didn't even realize what happened, woweeee! Rowan wanted to come cuddle with the dead bucks like he does with the dogs, so we let him for fun. However, when it came to helping daddy gut his buck, that was a big no no. Think he'll be a future hunter like his dad!